The Transatlantic Group Cooperation offers a unique service to its members:

no matter which forwarder you booked your ocean- or airfreight shipment with -

we support you in solving your urgent logistical problem in Germany as your local, German speaking partner.

Your container is stuck at Port Hamburg?

Customs at Frankfurt Airport does not release your shipment?

Your forwarder tells you "Sorry, I can't do anything for you from the US in this issue"?

If you need an immediate pragmatic solution to solve your pressing problem, it unfortunately won't help you, if your logistics partner has 60,000 employees in 800 offices worldwide.

What you really need is this 1 person, who takes accountability for your problem, who takes care of it personally and who stays on top of it until it is ultimately solved.

And this 1 person you will find as a member within the

Transatlantic Group Cooperation



Members of the Transatlantic Group Cooperation can look forward to the following benefits:

Our Extra Dose of Service

For all logistics problems in Germany, the following services will be available for you:

  • SOS-Hotline (24/7)

  • 1 partner by your side until the problem is solved

  • English/German support in both time zones

  • Expert guidance for future problem prevention

  • Free choice of your forwarder 

Our Excellent Network in Germany

Due to our members, you have direct access to a finely woven network in Germany:

  • Steamship lines

  • Airlines

  • Customs brokers

  • Truckers

  • Express services

  • Inspectors

  • Attorneys for international transport law

Our Exclusive Benefits

The following benefits, which our partners provide you exclusively, pay off for you immediately:

  • 2 Ocean Freight Vouchers in the amount of $ 75.00 each

  • 2 Airfreight Vouchers in the amount of $ 75.00 each

  • 2 US Trucking Vouchers in the amount of $ 50.00 each

  • 2 Customs Clearance Vouchers in the amount of $ 35.00 each

  • 2 free international wire payments, saving fees of $ 40.00 each 

  • Refund of paid membership fees of the current calendar year, if you are unsatisfied with our support regarding a specific problem

$ 150



$ 150



$ 100


US Trucking

$ 80


Intl. Wires

$ 70




The right partners

when it counts...



The Transatlantic Group Cooperation consists, simply spoken, of

Partners and Members.

Partners of the Transatlantic Group Cooperation are private, owner-managed companies

with different logistical focus points

- Airfreight, Ocean Freight, Container Trucking, Road Transportation, Customs Clearance, 3PL, Warehousing -

and proven, long-time experience and expertise in transatlantic traffic.   

Members of the Transatlantic Group Cooperation are mainly manufacturing or trading companies

which have a need in logistics services between Europe and the US. 

Our Partners and Members are unified in the belief that urgent, pressing problems,

especially considering the vast distance between the US and Europe,

will only be solved by caring individuals who take full ownership and responsibility.



$ 19.50


Becoming a member of the Transatlantic Group Cooperation 

is very simple, absolutely unbureaucratic and will pay off quickly.

The monthly membership fee has been calculated by the members in a fashion that

only the basic expenses to  administrate the cooperation and the 24/7 SOS-Hotline are covered.

All partners embrace the entrepreneurial risk to convince you from their

exceptional performance levels in the transatlantic trade.

The provided vouchers in the value of $ 550.00 substantiate their ambitions.

Due to the extraordinary commitment and efforts of all partners to provide

the best in class service at an affordable cost,

a monthly membership fee of only $ 19.50 per month is possible.

You can join the Transatlantic Group Cooperation at any time and

simply cancel your membership at any time.

If you want to become a member now, we will reward your sign-up with a

one-time membership fee discount of $ 78.00.

Please complete the below form of how we can best reach you and

an English speaking partner will contact you at your earliest convenience. 

Become a member
Save $ 78.00 Membership Fee
Receive $ 550.00 Vouchers 
Take a deep breath, be excited

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